DOOM gory goat

I dont know what more I could do. I like this appearance, gives it a more realistic and gory features. I would shit my pants, if you attacked its original form, and it took damage and began to end up like this picture. I might play around more, but I am running low on stock

photo manipulation

I started to do some imaging with Paint Shop Pro 7. I would like Photoshop, but this is the best I can do for now. I always liked messing around with layers and imaging, see what kind of abstract things you can do with a normal image, with layers of other “interesting” images. I know

chaos resembling a clearer picture

How can something abstract be conceptualized? the architecture of chaos is indistinguishable, there is no blueprint, no planned idea, just chaos resembling a clearer picture. If I took any enjoyment in the arts, it would be in the capability to create something from nothing. With having no blueprint, no clear idea, just a stroke of

work in progress

I am having more fun than I thought with doing the photo manipulations. I still need to work on my technique with backgrounds and what not, but I am seriously enjoying this more than I have before. Let me know what you think. Regularly scheduled updates will be on a hiatus. I have real life

photo manipulation

I just recently got back into photo manipulation. Turns out I can do a lot of details to artwork and what not. Here is my latest ridiculous and over the top photo. It was originally just me sitting beside a feral hog in missouri. But my obsession with dark and evil things possessed me to


This is just about the only thing that keeps me sane. I got a whole bunch more just like this, all I need do is just sketch and sketch. If anyone who is reading this who wants something personalized done I will happily do it for you. With just an idea I can draw you


Here is a conceptual sketch of something I’ve been working on. A weird demon with many different limbs in a abstract way. Far from finished but just something I hope to complete soon. All done with ink. I cannot for the life of me, master the craft with a pencil. Someday…

[ART] sunday

 Been a while since I made any updates its been a rough couple of weeks. Getting down to the last 4 months of my residential stay at a rehabilitation center. Cannot wait to leave this damn place! Lacking creativity in drawing anything lately.


Found these in sketch book so thought I would post them. Don’t think I’ll have access to a computer and/or scanner tomorrow. I am convinced that I am incapable of drawing anything that doesn’t involve dead evil looking things. Maybe I’ll draw something happy for a change. Oh well, this is the best therapy I

Napalm Death

Back with another sketch for the week. Will be on my 8th month in the program next month. Only 4 more months to go. I have court this month on the 31st hoping no jail time. Weights have been kinda depressing. Been hitting 90-95lbs free weights for chest 8-12 reps. Flat bench is currently 225lbs

first post – alien boob face

I am going to be posting up random pictures I draw up and other random writings. This is to occupy my time while I spend the remaining 6 months in a homeless shelter. I only get out on Saturday, Sundays so those are the days I will be updating weekly. Hope to get feedback and