Play Saturn games on your PS3

A youtube channel by the name of Black Z Studios Electronics Entertainment has several videos showing games like Panzer Dragoon Saga and Guardian Heroes being emulated. Here is an excerpt you can find from on their youtube page. “PlayStation© 3. SEGA Saturn™ Station Project. As far as we know, SEGA Saturn™ Station is the only

MU Legend – “my blader”

I made a guide for bladers in this game, so I thought it was due time that I showed you all what my blader currently looks like. This is by no means an authoritative guide. This is merely a glimpse of what my Blader looks like. Open to thoughts and suggestions. SKILLS ARTIFACT TALISMAN SOULBOX

The Sega Master System

Remember when you had a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)? Oh, come on, we all know you did. A good ninety percent of gamers had them, so don’t try to weasel yourself out claiming you just had a Master System. I did back in the very late eighties and early nineties and one out of three

North American Lost Ark alternatives?

As you all are aware, or maybe not? Lost Ark was just released October 7th at 2pm (KST) in Korea. For the uninformed, Lost Ark is a very appealing action (think diablo-esque) oriented MMORPG. There are already numerous ways for North American and Global players to play this game in its native language, but I

League of Children

I am using bold text items throughout this If you look through this blog you will find plenty of posts about video games, a hobby and interest I have had for as long as I can remember. It started with the NES and developed into Genesis and then on and on after that. All of

final review of Mu Legend

(I play this game with the stand alone client, not through steam) I have been playing this game since December of 2017, so I think I might like the game just a little bit. That being said, I have come to a long overdue conclusion, that I think a lot of other players have as

Lords of Thunder Sega CD

Lords of Thunder is a horizontal shooter, for the Sega CD. It is a fun and worthwhile game, and for those fans of shmups who don’t make the cut. As far as surviving and feeling a sense of accomplishment when you play, this is the game for you. Consider this title a shmup with training

finally beat Panzer Dragoon Saga

At long last I finally beat Panzer Dragoon Saga, a long time coming but I finally did it. I do have some minor criticisms and a few resolved issues. The game is definitely not nice and polished like Final Fantasy 7, I do not see any comparison between the two as far as content and

Lords of Thunder Sega CD

First things first, lets examine the difference in covers of the game. As you can see the Japanese cover just dwarfs the US cover. The american cover is just very generic looking in my opinion. I do appreciate an american look in animation  oppose to the awful anime infestation that has reached over to american

playing DOOM Plutonia

 I am currently playing though Plutonia, I had finished TNT and have been heavily addicted to playing this, since I finally got Brutal Doom to work, it’s like playing on doom on steroids. It’s seriously a adolescent male’s wet dream come to reality. More blood, more good, modified look of weapons, fatalities and help from

Cyber Doll Sega Saturn

A 1996 Cyber Punk RPG, released by I’MAX. Apparently this is on the only yellow label 18+ for the 32-bit era of gaming. Excuse me, but I am really just paraphrasing this from a youtube video located HERE. I found myself interested in the subject matter, and of course the art style and overall direction of

Panzer Dragoon Saga end of disc 3

Went on a loooong hiatus from playing this game, but I had a urge again finish what I started. This game is brilliant, and so many ways. I like this more than Final Fantasy 7 or any other top tier rpg’s. This game has the most unique and refreshing installments to a rather stale genre

[GAMING] Genesis bloody fun

All the blood guts and thrills, on the Sega Genesis! Why doesn’t Sega get the recognition it so surely deserves? it seems like whenever I hear about Sega it is usually trumped by the Nintendo fans who are quick to spout off names like Metroid, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, Mario RPG etc. etc. no doubt

chapter 1. Dark Souls ramble

I beat Dark Souls, last saturday. I defeated the mighty lord gwyn and his bitch ass slut bag gwyneth. The victory was bittersweet. I guess at the end of the game you make a decision to become lord over all the land, or you click the bonfire and start the game over as an undead.