Dragons, Nintendo and Sega

So Nintendo and Sega are developing a relationship by bringing Sega exclusive titles over to Nintendo consoles. In this case, it is Panzer Dragoon from the Sega Saturn. The first being the most accessible and best music, I think they made the right choice. If this has a positive reception, maybe they will continue to

Tabela XP Soul

My shoddy attempt at translating from English to Portuguese. All information compiled and copied from FORUM POST. Masmorra Monstro Normal Monstro De Elite Chefe Monstro Chefe Principal Lupa 51 Despertada 6,664 87,402 559,608 – Lupa 55 Despertada 6,931 90,899 581,993 – Lupa 61 Despertada 7,378 96,762 619,566 – Lupa 71 Despertada 8,188 107,380 687,519 –


Embodyment/Supplication was a death metal band who started out in 1993, in Texas. They gained “some” notoriety in christian circles being on Solid State Records, this being their later material. I don’t wish to talk about their newer work, or anything relating to it. To me their best was when they started out as a


Release your skull from compromise, believe and receive acceptance from the cosmos. They breed belief, something larger than this earth. Entertain distractions, they confuse your youth. Confront opportunity as a belief that it will change yourself. Develop and become bigger than any opposition. Watch the walls crumble around you. Reject voice you’re bigger than this

legalize suicide

Psycho paranoia or the ability to absolutely navigate a problem that is unaddressed? I am speaking specifically about the legalization of suicide. Not just suicide for the terminally ill, but suicide for any living breathing human which wishes to cease existence. Why can allow Hollywood to propagate movies like the Hunger Games, the Purge and

“Sometimes I feel like I’m not solid. I’m hollow. There is nothing behind my eyes. I’m negative of a person. It’s as if I never thought anything, I never wrote anything, I never felt anything. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence” -Sylvia Plath-

Pestilence – Spheres – 1993

PESTILENCE – Spheres Roadrunner 1993 Credits: Marco Foddis – Drums.  Jeroen Thesseling – Bass. Patrick Mameli – Vocals, Guitar.  Patrick Ulerwijk – Guitar. In the early 90s, a small flurry of death metal bands experimented with mixing death metal and jazz fusion.  Improbably, the results are almost invariably remarkable.  Pestilence was one such band, and

survival of the fittest

I am not good with predictions, prophecy or telling the future. Infact I keep my mouth shut when it comes to predictions, I would rather watch the cards fall, and then decide for myself accuracy. It isn’t so much recognition, but more so a hint at something invisible, maybe spiritual, something that hints at a

HYPOCRISY – The Arrival 2004

HYPOCRISY – The Arrival Nuclear Blast 2004 Credits: Peter Tatgren – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.   Mikael Hedlund – Bass.  Lars Szoke – Drums.   Dan Swano – Lyrics.  Silenoz: Lyrics. – After a relatively quiet January 2004, the year’s first heavyweight release dropped rather quietly onto store shelves.  Hypocrisy, always what I consider a criminally

Disgorge 2000 Forensick

Disgorge(mex),  Forensick Repulse Records, 2000 Edgar Garcia- guitars. Willy – Drums,  Antimo Buonnano – Vocals/Bass The real deal Disgorge, the singular brutalists from Mexico… churning out the most indistinguishable noise and splatter. The production value is left to nil, maybe a little pocket change and a one attempt to finish the disc. The sound is unlike

Meshuggah – Catch 33 – 2005

MESHUGGAH – Catch 33 (Nuclear Blast, 2005) Credits: Fredrik Thordendal – guitars.  Tomas Haake – drum programming.  Jens Kidman – vocals.  Marten Hagstrom – bass. Oh God, save me from this eternal boredom.  Meshuggah is sometimes entertaining and sometimes a drag.  Unfortunately, this horribly disappointing release makes a minute feel like an hour.  It’s the

Sentenced the Funeral Album 2005

SENTENCED  The Funeral Album (Century Media, 2005) Credits: Ville Laihiala – vocals.  Miika Tenkula – guitar.  Sami Lopakka – guitar.  Vesa Ranta – drums.  Sami Kukkohov – bass. Sentenced goes out with a bang, or at least one last slab of ridiculously catchy, old-school heavy metal with amusing lyrics and sometimes disappointingly simplistic guitar playing.

Lords of Thunder Sega CD

First things first, lets examine the difference in covers of the game. As you can see the Japanese cover just dwarfs the US cover. The american cover is just very generic looking in my opinion. I do appreciate an american look in animation  oppose to the awful anime infestation that has reached over to american

playing DOOM Plutonia

 I am currently playing though Plutonia, I had finished TNT and have been heavily addicted to playing this, since I finally got Brutal Doom to work, it’s like playing on doom on steroids. It’s seriously a adolescent male’s wet dream come to reality. More blood, more good, modified look of weapons, fatalities and help from

DOOM gory goat

I dont know what more I could do. I like this appearance, gives it a more realistic and gory features. I would shit my pants, if you attacked its original form, and it took damage and began to end up like this picture. I might play around more, but I am running low on stock

Cyber Doll Sega Saturn

A 1996 Cyber Punk RPG, released by I’MAX. Apparently this is on the only yellow label 18+ for the 32-bit era of gaming. Excuse me, but I am really just paraphrasing this from a youtube video located HERE. I found myself interested in the subject matter, and of course the art style and overall direction of

Funerus – Festering Earth

Artist: Funerus Album: Festering Earth Year: 2003 Incantation is responsible for creating a form of death metal, that emphasis itself in slow foreboding melodies and speedily transitions, without warning. I say they are responsible because there is more than a handful of bands that play in this style. I think in popular terms, they call


If one thing I have found in life that injects a willingness to continue on this world we live, it is the ability to embrace and accept delusion. Without delusion, without the ability to entertain our imaginations with the unreal and unseen, the mysterious ways of life. We read old texts and embrace the principles


I would like to collaborate or work with other like minded individuals that share the taste in movies, games music etc. Whether or not you have a  blog/web site, is unimportant, though I would still like to have some kind of community focus, where we can  build an alliance of web pages. If anyone is

the Green Inferno

One thing that cannot be emulated is the vintage quality of older films, sure you can deteriorate quality to branch a similar view, but we are all none the wiser to tactics as such. I bring this up, because film makers like Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie all have this love for old

photo manipulation

I started to do some imaging with Paint Shop Pro 7. I would like Photoshop, but this is the best I can do for now. I always liked messing around with layers and imaging, see what kind of abstract things you can do with a normal image, with layers of other “interesting” images. I know


Depression is a metaphysical ailment that debilitates a person from attaining a livable life. The key emphasis is “life”. For all intensive purposes (I always wanted to say that in a sentence), I would much rather see myself stiff underground, decomposing and being in eternal sleep. But I have not yet found myself, at a

Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria

Artist: Pissgrave Album: Suicide Euphoria Label: Profound Lore Records Year: 2015 Wiki: N/A One thing Dead Congregation taught me, is that not only is their music brilliant but the label Profound Lore has an equally respectable reputation. I used to throw around this accolade in the past without much validation, but I can say with certainty


This summarizes my beliefs, or lack thereof. I do to an extent feel a nagging on my spirit to exist, by something outside myself. But I will not subscribe to a human institution that brings about only contradiction and hypocrisy. I love the line, “if the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation

Gorguts – Colored Sands

Artist: Gorguts Album: Colored Sands Label: Season of Mist Year: 2013 Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorguts Gorguts never being the most accessible of the death metal variety, experimental and rather unconventional in their approach. But in a genre bent on the moribund, bands like Gorguts offer the vigor and vitality much needed to proceed death metal into the current generation.

chaos resembling a clearer picture

How can something abstract be conceptualized? the architecture of chaos is indistinguishable, there is no blueprint, no planned idea, just chaos resembling a clearer picture. If I took any enjoyment in the arts, it would be in the capability to create something from nothing. With having no blueprint, no clear idea, just a stroke of


Ok so I went ahead and got a domain for the site, http://www.devoutcraziness.com, nothing of interest yet. But I do have plans to either a.) implement my blogger to the domain, or b.) go the wordpress route, but I am inexperienced in that, and so  I will have to study up and defeat any learning curves

Dead Congregation -“Promulgation Of The Fall”, a routine of tangents wrapped in a seminal review

Artist: Dead Congregation Album: Promulgation Of The Fall Label: Profound Lore (check them out!) Year: 2014 Wiki: super cereal There is a greek band I was recently introduced to just this year, and they put out some pretty amazing music. Where most of the current generation Death Metal bands are trying to oust each other is production and technicality,