A bit of news regarding MU Legend. Apparently there is a new epic dungeon available. Here is what youtuber AXCEL had to say:

” hi :), first of all, I think you’re referring about the most common weapon that is used which is the unique weapon.. unique weapon is easy to enchant since it doesn’t level down when it failed and in kr they improved the enchanting and drops for the enchanting material are easily to be farm in new level 83 epic dungeon. so you can see people with +15 weapon almost anywhere in kr server.. anyway enchanting level 85 weapon is quite difficult so they prefer unique weapon than the new myth weapon..”

in reference to a poster asking if it is possible to enhance weapons to +15.

under construction blader guide mu legend

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3.0 – Check out THIS guide, it is a lot better than mine that I have here.

Because of limited content regarding this game, I thought it might be beneficial to add a bit of a guide concerning the Blader class in Mu Legend. This is only from my own personal experience, as well as opinions of more well established Bladers. I will try to be as thorough as possible, and I offer my support in comments, with any questions that you might have.

Firstly something to keep in mind, that the Blader is absolutely dwarfed in comparison to the Dark Lord. As far as melee classes are concerned you would be better fitted with the Dark Lord. As it offers greatest defenses and equal if not superior DPS. With that being said, I think it’s congratulatory you picking a class like the Blader.

Concerning early game, you’re best fitted with following the quest outline until you reach level 65. During this process it is advised that you save all resources acquired. Namely resurrection stones, jewels of bless, magic gems and zen. It will be of greater importance having these in later game.

For me personally I focus largely in health, attack, and cool-down reduction. That being said I also found it important to invest at least 60 points into defense. For base defense and the added attack bonus. The higher soul level you get, the more you will realize the importance of cool-down reduction, especially if you get set items that offer bonuses for spamming certain skills. For example raiding pheil gives evasion when you use the skill threatening roar. In order for survivability in lupa’s you will need to be able to spam skills openly. You will want to aim for at the minimum having 30% cdr. For an outline prioritize 30 into attack, 60 into defense, 30 into health, and 60 into cdr. You cannot go wrong with evasion and any other defensive soul points. You’re a melee class after all, and will be in the thick of it, so survivability is an absolute must.

 under construction

This is a multifaceted response, and will require you to use different artifacts for different situations. I find it helpful for rifts, daily quests etc. (easy dungeons) to take frenzy, you can easily get through these dungeons rather quickly with frenzy. If you’re doing epics, or more difficult group dungeons please consider taking hysteria. I emphasize group, because in most cases your dark lord will be using allegro or rainbow. For bosses it’s a credible rule of thumb to always be using hysteria. The same applies for pvp. Soloing lupa it’s recommended that you take allegro/rainbow. So in summary, you’re going to want to level hysteria 100, rainbow/allegro 100 and you can get by with frenzy level 30-40.

I personally think Raiding Pheil to be the best Blader set, and if you can acquire this set by all means do it! with that being said, there are some things to keep in mind when searching out gear. You generally want to find anything that will offer you elite/boss damage, secondly you will want cool-down reduction, attack, critical damage and critical rate. Additionally anything with high evasion is also good. I would prioritize elite/boss damage and cool-down reduction. You can get a lot of base damage from your weapon itself. CDR is especially important if you choose to use set items for your gear.

You’re going to want the following, or atleast aspire to achieve these numbers…

at the very minimum 30% CDR
(max)30% Critical Rate
– (?) Critical Damage
– 20to30% Evasion
– (?) Defense (from what I’ve heard evasion is more important for Blader than defense)

 Please ask me questions and I will complete this guide better. I also would like opinions from other bladers to make this more complete.