“Sometimes I feel like I’m not solid. I’m hollow. There is nothing behind my eyes. I’m negative of a person. It’s as if I never thought anything, I never wrote anything, I never felt anything. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence” -Sylvia Plath-


If one thing I have found in life that injects a willingness to continue on this world we live, it is the ability to embrace and accept delusion. Without delusion, without the ability to entertain our imaginations with the unreal and unseen, the mysterious ways of life. We read old texts and embrace the principles


I would like to collaborate or work with other like minded individuals that share the taste in movies, games music etc. Whether or not you have a  blog/web site, is unimportant, though I would still like to have some kind of community focus, where we can  build an alliance of web pages. If anyone is


Ok so I went ahead and got a domain for the site, http://www.devoutcraziness.com, nothing of interest yet. But I do have plans to either a.) implement my blogger to the domain, or b.) go the wordpress route, but I am inexperienced in that, and so  I will have to study up and defeat any learning curves

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Made a couple changes to the page, was a little disappointed with the end result, I found out it is really hard to making a transparent image work on blogger. I really don’t have an over lot to say, I fucked up another job opportunity, but on all honesty I felt it was justified I

I return

I have been on a long hiatus due to what I would like to call a sabbatical. Yes a pilgrimage through this journey known as life. For whatever reason I have left my absence without any warning, and that was only out of realistic knowledge as to of the audience this blog attracts, or in