Lords of Thunder Sega CD

First things first, lets examine the difference in covers of the game. As you can see the Japanese cover just dwarfs the US cover. The american cover is just very generic looking in my opinion. I do appreciate an american look in animation  oppose to the awful anime infestation that has reached over to american

playing DOOM Plutonia

 I am currently playing though Plutonia, I had finished TNT and have been heavily addicted to playing this, since I finally got Brutal Doom to work, it’s like playing on doom on steroids. It’s seriously a adolescent male’s wet dream come to reality. More blood, more good, modified look of weapons, fatalities and help from

Cyber Doll Sega Saturn

A 1996 Cyber Punk RPG, released by I’MAX. Apparently this is on the only yellow label 18+ for the 32-bit era of gaming. Excuse me, but I am really just paraphrasing this from a youtube video located HERE. I found myself interested in the subject matter, and of course the art style and overall direction of