I want to make it perfectly clear at the beginning of this, that I am friends with the drummer. I have an internal bias regarding this band, especially in regards to this fact. That being said, this article will delve a bit into their music and their beliefs.

I will save myself, and you the time and just point you to their https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeping_Giant_(band) wikipedia, for all of the history and biography concerning the band. Lastly I would also encourage all of you to go watch their recent documentary at https://youtu.be/RYIQbi5i7ik .

Now that the introductions and necessary details are in place, I would invite you all to be a part of their journey. Give it a watch and a listen. Their lyrics, and their message is truly unique and unapologetic.

This is coming from somebody who his whole life has exclusively listened to blasphemous underground death metal and black metal.