I sloppily updated the Blader “guide”, that can be found HERE

I finished Panzer Dragoon Saga, although I have already written much about this game. I feel inspired to make another post, with what I have learned about the game this time around.

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Its been a while since I posted anything in here and I think it’s due time I put some more content into this blog. I look back through some of my posts and I cringe a little reading something that I thought sounded profound and just think its more or less my trying to sound intelligent. I am more grounded in reality than a lot of people give me credit. I think existing is nothing more than being comfortable with our own delusions and however grandiose, accepting the ideas and beliefs that encourage existence.

I wasn’t necessarily intending on writing anything philosophical, really I had no intentions in mind when I decided to post anything at all. This is nothing more than a spontaneous post.

Outside of that, I do intend on writing some more music reviews have a few albums picked out and in mind. That as well as movies. I want to write a little bit of a guide for Mu Legends and maybe dissect that game a little more.

I will be sure to keep this train moving for the 0 passengers inside. Leave me some feedback if you read this nonsense.