Lords of Thunder is a horizontal
shooter, for the Sega CD. It is a fun and worthwhile game, and for
those fans of shmups who don’t make the cut. As far as surviving
and feeling a sense of accomplishment when you play, this is the game
for you. Consider this title a shmup with training wheels. It is
essentially one of the easier shmups to be brought upon us. And
considering the amount of shmups that I’ve played, this is hands
down the easiest. And I might as well clarify, I am speaking of the
Normal difficulty setting.
The game plays well, a lot of the
bosses are really cool to look at. Some of the levels come off as
repetitive and kind of generic in style. As I said before the bosses
are done well, and are great to look at. But where they excel in
style, they fail in sustainable and enduring play style. Let’s face
it, most of the bosses if not all, come off as pretty lame. I am all
about being able to complete a game, but I feel a sense of failure if
the game doesn’t respond with a harsher reality.