PISSGRAVE – Euthanasia track overview

Okay a bowl full of shit is a bit too tame, lets up the ante and present to you a face smashed in. Jesus, I can’t stomach much more of this. Herein is the internal dialogue one will be conflicted with upon initial exposure to the band Pissgrave.

I question my mental stability to review death metal honestly anymore, especially when gimmicks are at the forefront. If the aforementioned is to deter otherwise unintelligent and ignorant music, than I guess I should be cheering them on.

Here we have a track from their second full length release “Posthumous Humiliation” out March 01, 2019 on Profound Lore Records. I record label that has a reputation for putting out some highly esteemed music, ranging from a broad array of genres.

For the uninitiated who didn’t have the pleasure of hearing “Suicide Euphoria”, this track alone will keep you to pace with their brand of dirty and brutal angry death metal. Unhinged on conventional formulaic brutal death metal. They rely on strong melody and downright distorted buzzsaw guitars not to be confused what bands from Sweden were doing.

All this being said, this track alone doesn’t necessarily represent anything new to the table. But I do admit after hearing their last release a lot was to be desired, their music does have a place in the genre, and I am excited to hear the full length.

Top 3 Metal Albums of 2018

How do I start this without sounding cliche or gimmicky. Sorry fresh out of ideas, I will just proceed with sharing my selective albums of the year 2018. Most if not all are in the death and black metal genre wise.

Scorn Aesthetics

I am going to start the list off with what is arguably the best metal album of 2018, this alongside Corpsessed, should satiate any death metal fans hunger. This is a dark depressing ride, played in death/black metal fashion. Embrace of Thorns hailing from Greece are proving alongside Dead Congregation to be the capita’ of performance in this genre of territory.  The samples of Jonestown and accompanying onslaught just leave a dark miserable hole in your chest. https://embracethorns.bandcamp.com/

Impetus Death

Seeing as I mentioned Corpsessed above, it is with no wonder that I am including them second on this list. Here is a band I had the privilege learning about a few years back with their debut full length, “Abysmal Thresholds”. Following in the similar vein of their earlier work they are delivering dark/death metal. Harmonious and chaotic elements still remain witch are catching my ears attention. If you have not already heard this band, I would highly recommend you pick the new release. https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/impetus-of-death

Within a World Forgotten

Here is something new and disastrously effective. Chaotic as hell, with little availability for interpretation. But where this release shines is in its dark foreboding elements catching any listener off guard and prepared to pay attention.  This is hardly initiatory death metal mind you, this release will do anything but hold your hand, you have to sit and listen for prolonged periods to hear its redeeming quality’s. https://infernalcoil.bandcamp.com/album/within-a-world-forgotten

Short and sweet and to the point. I didn’t get a chance to hear as much new death metal this year as I would have liked. But I am happy with the progress this genre of music is going through. I think the greatest beauty of death metal, is its ability to let you lose yourself in thought, once you let go of any distractions in your mind, that my friend is when you will hear the beauty.

Seversun – New World Chaos

I was given the opportunity to review this release, and I am feeling a bit privileged after hearing their material. Seversun is a 3 piece from Russia, playing what is definitely progressive and groove oriented, it mixes together many elements to be precise. I was a little bit apprehensive when I noticed in their Metallum profile being categorized as a metalcore band. Not that I am particular dissuaded by the genre, but I tend to steer away from anything “core” influenced. I am happy to say, that these guys keep the metal at the forefront.

The cover threw me off a bit, I was initially thinking they were a stoner/doom band, something about that cover yells stoner/doom to me. I guess it’s kinda psychedelic in appearance. The music here, as I said earlier very groove oriented while relying on melody to carry out songs. The vocals are rough and mix together some cleaner vocals. To me it works. There are some really nice lead guitar work on this album, I like the melodic elements. I also appreciate the bass work done on this album. This album mixes together a wide array of instrumentation, including piano pieces. The drumming on the album sounds very digital and unauthentic, that’s one of my only gripes that I have with the album.

Overall a solid piece of metal here, after several listens I’ve found myself remembering the catchiness of the album. If you’re in the market for something new and creative give this album a chance, it’s pretty solid musicianship and some memorable material. Plus as a Ukrainian American, I am all about supporting a Russian metal band. But that is irrelevant anyway!


Embodyment/Supplication was a death metal band who started out in 1993, in Texas. They gained “some” notoriety in christian circles being on Solid State Records, this being their later material. I don’t wish to talk about their newer work, or anything relating to it. To me their best was when they started out as a death metal band. Hell even their “metalcore/deathcore” material was pretty solid, considering the time where breakdowns and gimmicky bullshit was at a minimum. Hell if Embrace the Eternal was a pilot to the genre, I would call myself a fan. History aside I wish to speak about them as a death metal band and nothing more. If you want an elaborate history I recommend checking out  their Metallum profile.

As said before they started out as Supplication and later named themselves Embodyment. I hadn’t heard about this band until late 90’s, early 00’s. I was a christian kid was always searching for “christian” death metal, (yes this sounds stupid as hell to me now) it was rare to find anything even remotely to this caliber. To me this stands alongside the early greats of the genre. Fast brutal, low inhuman gutturals, demonic screams, music that has a harmony and direction, non nonsense death metal.

I think with a band I speak so highly of why is it unheard of and so underrated? I think realistically it’s because and ONLY because they got caught in the mix as being labeled a “christian” band, whatever the intentions of the musicians were this is definitely nothing to do with anything even remotely christian. I remember speaking to Mark Garza (drummer) over AOL instant messenger and he told me there are no known lyrics to any of their earliest material. Though it is obviously decipherable in some parts, overall I don’t think there are any actual “lyrics” to the music. The demo’s they released to Embrace the Eternal do however have lyrics and are semi-christian in context.

I speak so highly of this band, because in comparison to a lot of what the genre had to offer at the time this is incredibly good stuff. So if you’re looking for a piece of death metal history and consider yourself a historian of the genre check out their Demo compilation, or even give Embrace the Eternal a listen. Hair still stands up when I hear those shrieking guitars at the intro the Shroud of Darkness.

On a complete side note, I am going to work on an overhaul of their logo and design a new album cover. Something more amply fitting to the genre, and to less associate with anything to do with christianity.


disma the vault of membros tshirt

Got in contact with Disma through facebook and was able to order a nice print and glow in the dark shirt. I love it. Hopefully get some more of their designs, it’s hard to choose which ones.