Embodyment/Supplication was a death metal band who started out in 1993, in Texas. They gained “some” notoriety in christian circles being on Solid State Records, this being their later material. I don’t wish to talk about their newer work, or anything relating to it. To me their best was when they started out as a death metal band. Hell even their “metalcore/deathcore” material was pretty solid, considering the time where breakdowns and gimmicky bullshit was at a minimum. Hell if Embrace the Eternal was a pilot to the genre, I would call myself a fan. History aside I wish to speak about them as a death metal band and nothing more. If you want an elaborate history I recommend checking out  their Metallum profile.

As said before they started out as Supplication and later named themselves Embodyment. I hadn’t heard about this band until late 90’s, early 00’s. I was a christian kid was always searching for “christian” death metal, (yes this sounds stupid as hell to me now) it was rare to find anything even remotely to this caliber. To me this stands alongside the early greats of the genre. Fast brutal, low inhuman gutturals, demonic screams, music that has a harmony and direction, non nonsense death metal.

I think with a band I speak so highly of why is it unheard of and so underrated? I think realistically it’s because and ONLY because they got caught in the mix as being labeled a “christian” band, whatever the intentions of the musicians were this is definitely nothing to do with anything even remotely christian. I remember speaking to Mark Garza (drummer) over AOL instant messenger and he told me there are no known lyrics to any of their earliest material. Though it is obviously decipherable in some parts, overall I don’t think there are any actual “lyrics” to the music. The demo’s they released to Embrace the Eternal do however have lyrics and are semi-christian in context.

I speak so highly of this band, because in comparison to a lot of what the genre had to offer at the time this is incredibly good stuff. So if you’re looking for a piece of death metal history and consider yourself a historian of the genre check out their Demo compilation, or even give Embrace the Eternal a listen. Hair still stands up when I hear those shrieking guitars at the intro the Shroud of Darkness.

On a complete side note, I am going to work on an overhaul of their logo and design a new album cover. Something more amply fitting to the genre, and to less associate with anything to do with christianity.



Release your skull from compromise, believe and receive acceptance from the cosmos. They breed belief, something larger than this earth. Entertain distractions, they confuse your youth. Confront opportunity as a belief that it will change yourself. Develop and become bigger than any opposition. Watch the walls crumble around you. Reject voice you’re bigger than this earth. Enjoyment and pleasure on this planet is momentary and never lasts. Be true to yourself and accept those around that influence your ideas. Live to be a being that will last forever. When you are removed from the husk, carry on and believe.

posthumous repitions

I am not going to live like a human being, and pretend there is god who will compromise according to religious scriptures. Instead I’ll divide and conquer, accept a new vision one that frees from obstacles and lies.

final review of Mu Legend

(I play this game with the stand alone client, not through steam)

have been playing this game since December of 2017, so I think I might
like the game just a little bit. That being said, I have come to a long
overdue conclusion, that I think a lot of other players have as well…
this game is essentially a money hungry mobile mmo.

For anyone
who says this game is not p2w, they are either a.) delusional, or b.)
invested a lot of their own money into the game. Since 2017, I have paid
for platinum service, which I thought was enough of a payment to play
this game. I was wrong. Now they have the $50+ spellbinder pet, magic
gems, + tickets, talismans…. basically every facet of the game can now
be paid($) for.

WHY is Sanctum, and Dragon Haven even available
if it only gives you level 65 gear? why is all old content still giving
items that are level 65? it’s all obsolete now and a complete and total
waste of time. Really the only dungeon worth running is 6-1 and you can
only run this instance once a day. Or you can grind mythic dungeons all
day and have a 0.009% chance of getting a mythic item.

Or you can always shell out real cash in the auction house for all your desired items.

think I might finally stop playing this game. Or at the very least stop
paying them any more money for platinum service. Fix the game make it
less pay to win. Increase dungeon entry’s, make all content of the game
able to achieve lvl 70 (mythic/set) gear. Get more active GM’s who will
run fun events. Then and only then will I come back to this game. But if
dumb-asses are actually shelling out cash in the $100’s I cant ever see
this game changing any time soon.