thus spoke zarathustra

“this tree stands lonely here in the mountains; it grew high above man and beast . And if it wanted to speak it would have nobody who could understand it, so high has it grown. Now it waits and waits-for what is it waiting? It dwells too near the seat of the clouds: surely it


When something is done out of desire and no required outcome. You will find yourself fulfilled with the process and not the goal. The only achievable goal is the required act of doing.

The Screwtape Letters

I finally got around to finishing the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, here is a summarized collection of quotes, and some interjected thoughts from myself. The book itself details the relationship of a demon and a father demon (satan?), tormenting a human subject. Throughout you can’t help but finding yourself relating to the tactics of


Release your skull from compromise, believe and receive acceptance from the cosmos. They breed belief, something larger than this earth. Entertain distractions, they confuse your youth. Confront opportunity as a belief that it will change yourself. Develop and become bigger than any opposition. Watch the walls crumble around you. Reject voice you’re bigger than this

posthumous repitions

I am not going to live like a human being, and pretend there is god who will compromise according to religious scriptures. Instead I’ll divide and conquer, accept a new vision one that frees from obstacles and lies.

legalize suicide

Psycho paranoia or the ability to absolutely navigate a problem that is unaddressed? I am speaking specifically about the legalization of suicide. Not just suicide for the terminally ill, but suicide for any living breathing human which wishes to cease existence. Why can allow Hollywood to propagate movies like the Hunger Games, the Purge and

identity, purpose and contradictions

(if this at all sound authoritative, I apologize in advance. These are only ideas that come into my brain, and I want to express them through this blog) An identity if anything but being a working, breathing, fucking, sleeping and eating creature… just like any other biological specimen is a contradiction to our existence. We

survival of the fittest

I am not good with predictions, prophecy or telling the future. Infact I keep my mouth shut when it comes to predictions, I would rather watch the cards fall, and then decide for myself accuracy. It isn’t so much recognition, but more so a hint at something invisible, maybe spiritual, something that hints at a

why should we die?

If we ask “why we should die?” the same should be asked why we exist. If the two have no purpose than the other, than it would be easy to answer this question, or the hypothesis, and that is there is no meaning in the two. So if your goal and ambition is death, then


This summarizes my beliefs, or lack thereof. I do to an extent feel a nagging on my spirit to exist, by something outside myself. But I will not subscribe to a human institution that brings about only contradiction and hypocrisy. I love the line, “if the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation

lets talk about shit, pun intended

Persuasion is an incredible tool, to landslide the masses into agreement. I have never been one to dissuade anyone in favor of my own self interest. I have also remained on the fence while the good and bad argue over who is right, in complete contradiction they reject the middle ground. What could possibly come

individuality and influence

(this is more of a hypothesis, and nothing is concrete set in stone fact. I speak out of life experience.) Our interests and hobbies, things that we are more than happy to occupy our time with, how much of that is externally influenced, and how much of it is genuine. It’s no question, that as


If something encourages a person, and delivers them a certain amount of energy,  but said “something” may possibly deemed offensive to the average person. This issue is nothing new, it is plastered all over the media whenever some whack jobs wants to go on a rampage. The news outlets begin to dissect certain forms of

comfortably nestled in bed

no man admires fear and cowardice, it’s in our genetic pool no matter what background. Man was made to fight and protect, preserve himself and those he holds closest. We are an animal, held captive by the legalities of society, brainwashed to become domesticated. It’s no wonder life is incredibly difficult for men, and especially

growing up at 30

the more I acquire, the more I do not necessarily want. In fact I would say acquiring all of these things that I was too much of a low life to get on my own, is making me realize how trivial material things are. And am now realizing my isolation is unsatisfying, and I desire


I am completely out of touch with what would benefit my libido and wallet in this life, I would rather die with my soul, even if a furnace is my destination. At least I was honest with myself conspiring…. life of bad decisionsretributive karma taking placeall the gifts recievedtaken advantagenow its time to accept your

yogurt goat lord

the yogurt goat lord after finishing a plate of yogurt, this ghastly sight came into focus. Unsure of its significance, as to what it means and why it is on my plate. But I thought for archival purposes, it was worth posting.

attracted to ignorance

ignorance will always be bliss. Man/woman will always find comfort being around a lesser educated opposite. It makes them feel a deep superiority that underlies all human being intentions. We can decorate ourselves in lies, masquerade a facade, or bring to surface this farce. I think this is one of the most impossibly difficult mindsets


The pure beauty of life is a never ending search. It’s identifiable in the triggers that brain chemistry reacts. A supernatural feeling of divinity caressing the soul. Its not hard to forget the beauty when so much repulsion, disgusting ignorant ego’s that malign your path, tearing you down to their level of depravity. All instances

sympathetic cowards

You criticize, you ostracize, poke and prod – place the blame, on the shoulders of the humans of this race who don’t carry your weight with you or share in your convictions. I don’t understand when political affiliation dictates your personal beliefs. There is a force beyond this life, way beyond space and time that

what in the blistering hell is this

I look at my stats every once in a while via the blogger.com dashboard and I found my site is liked and linked from the following blog… http://make-money-writing.review-blogspot.com/ I think it’s cool that the only attention my blog gets is from online scams. Ok maybe that’s a little harsh. After little investigation the following blog

morality is subjective?

I think intellectually, personally, logic and overall perspective of life is highly esteemed in the favor of the atheist. But as far as morals are concerned they must be divinely inspired, otherwise we are only living by whatever idea of “right” and “wrong” we were brought up believing. Which is a bunch of rubbish, because

fuck you “christian”

word travels like waters through the everglades. Words spoken through the mouths of the hypocrites, their only motive is to elevate their own egos. Bolster false confidence through the misery found in their fellow human beings. Supporting claims of divinity, but living the lie inside their heads is the image of themselves, the golden calf


When you have nothing, and you want something, your voice is restrained by the hand that feeds you. There is no courage in apprehension, just the ability to counteract a ill fated destiny. I can make sense to a million people, but if my reputation is insignificant to those million, it will take persuasion to


misconceptions make man ignorant… by misconception, I mean your misconceived idea of what is actually true. Get the facts before you draw assumptions. And if you assume, always give the benefit of a doubt in the favor of the benefit of humanity, because if you care to kill off this race, you will live a