Random Update

I sloppily updated the Blader “guide”, that can be found HERE

I finished Panzer Dragoon Saga, although I have already written much about this game. I feel inspired to make another post, with what I have learned about the game this time around.

Please keep checking my TWITCH and YOUTUBE!


The most difficult aspect about this particular web page is because I cover such a broad range of interests and it’s extremely difficult to market and share it with others, because it is not singularly focused on particular interest.

I am having a hard time with this, and just wanted to post and share and maybe get some opinions and help guidance and how to make this site more centrally focused.

When I started this blog, it was just that a blog! a place for me to share my thoughts and interests. I think I am jumping a bit ahead of myself, maybe need to take a few steps back and keep this indeed, just that a blog.

Many ideas and thoughts are stirring, hopefully I will come to some kind of resolve and be able to develop this site further.

Suspiciously quiet

I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to, but I intend to add more and contribute to this area of the web. What I have in the forecast for content is the following…

Finish Panzer Dragoon Saga, then play translated Dragon Force 2. That is the console gaming I have lined up. Outside of that I plan on doing a lets play of Nioh. Also exploring mmorpg’s, particularly in the pursuit to create and share with others an enjoyable on-line experience. I want to create a variety of distractions to compromise the gnawing idea that we “have” to do anything. Our existence is acceptance in itself.

Want to do more videos, more art, more of everything that makes me happy.

Exciting changes are coming

I just wanted to update today to let you know, that alongside this web site, youtube, streaming I will also be incorporating custom Laser Cutting art to the extension of things to be done here.

Can’t hash out too many details just yet, but know that in the future this is going to be great resource and potential spot for merchandise.

Please check out the Patreon page for an updated list of reward tiers and a bit of changes in the description.

old pictures

I was going to attach an image into an email when I realized that google had saved all of these old pictures in their server. It is frightening to me what other information/data they have from me. All the same it is interesting to find some of these old pictures. I lost all my computer data from the past, so to get a lot of these old photos is kind of cool. Nobody looks at this blog, but I guess for my own nostalgia I’ll keep it here.











selling merch

This is early just a gleam in my eye, but I do intend on designing and selling clothing with my art. I also might design shirts that will promote the devoutcraziness..com name. I have a minimal amount of views and this is going to be difficult to accomplish.

You can check out the shop https://devoutcraziness.threadless.com/

Buy something and suggest from the art I have to use in the next shirt design.