Pregablin for Anxiety treatment

I am writing today because my psychiatrist will not prescribe me Lyrica (pregablin) for my debilitating anxiety. Her reason for not prescribing me Pregablin as indicated by her interest in Medical Journals addressing Pregablin as a first line of medications for Anxiety disorders. I have listed references concerning this, and my findings are satisfactory if thoroughly investigated.

“Pregabalin lowered total Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety scores within 1 week and was effective against both somatic and psychic subcomponents.” – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22395254

“Available evidence suggests that pregabalin is effective and well tolerated in the treatment of GAD.” – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22395254

“Successful treatment of GAD with pregabalin versus placebo and active comparators has been reported in clinical trials.” – ttps://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1345/aph.1Q405

Additionally I was suggested to try Gabapentin as opposed to Pregablin. Any significant research will determine Pregablin more effective in it’s Pharmacology. As Pregablin is absorbed, metabolized and distributed more effectively than Gabapentin.

Pregablin is the successor to Gabapentin and is more effective. Both drugs are indicated as primary usage for Neuropathic Pain. Both drugs are essentially the same.

In conclusion I wish to be prescribed Pregablin for my anxiety, as opposed to Gabapentin. If there can be any credibility otherwise, I wish for a more thorough explanation.


I have been doing more live streams and video related things that I feel like I’ve neglected content on the site. So I thought I would address my intentions for future updates and what I plan on working on.

A history and feature about “Christian” death metal, a niche of music that plays Death Metal but contradicts the genre by using lyrics that are influenced from the Bible and the teachings of Christ.

Black Desert Online – I have been playing this game a lot and am really enjoying it. Not entirely sure, what I plan on doing about it. Maybe a review or overview of what I have learned.

Physical themed updates. I have slowly gotten back into working out. Currently only doing push-ups, if I dedicate more time to working out I will make a section illustrating my full routine and advice.

Lastly I have made acquaintances with some influential people, I hope to get interviews with them. That about wraps up everything. Will post more later as I think of things. Have a good day.

Suicide Action Act – Legalize Suicide

It’s been made to my attention that there is a war on morality, a teetering self absorbed world on the horizon. We are so much consumed with our own self worth, have devalued the less honorable members of society. The less fortunate who cannot and will not seek help for their unfortunate existence.

I would even stretch the idea that those affected by mental defects are themselves incapable of finding a solution or a cause to an end, for their meaningless searching in life. Where do we cross the line of morality? is there such a possibility in this life time? well I am hoping to address and attempt to find a solution.

As we are all aware abortion is deemed an acceptable to offering women the opportunity to alleviate themselves from a notion that it may be a mistake. My question here, is when do we determine a life is not worth our valuable oxygen?

I’ve ultimately determined, that if we can wholly and unbiased come to a conclusion, concerning the value of a human life. If human life has no intrinsic value. We must broadly resolving the problems of humanity. Why can America only put the blood on their hands of the criminals and unborn? we should not limit America, we need to broadly address the human life that will not, and refuses to become productive members of society.


Establish whether human life is worth life?

When do we conclude the action that proceeds next?

Ultimately if abortion is wrong, so is suicide. If we conclude this outcome, than we must address all human life.

It has been a while

When my friend Noah offered to give me a domain and setup a wordpress for then at the time (blogger.com) blog, I was ecstatic and excited and to make the move.

That being said, after getting VERY ahead of myself, I then relapsed into cowardice and fear at the very idea of gaining any sort of traction or desirable audience to my writings and ventures on the internet.

I suppose I making this update today, to let you all know, that I am very much interested in sharing my desires and interests. But for the most part do not wish to involve myself in any way shape or form, a career out of this. But most importantly a hobby and a interest. And a tool to grow as a writer and web developer.

So for those who have stuck with me this far, please continue to do so. And expect future updates from me, when I feel impressed to write. And please always feel free to leave any feedback or comments, or just say, “Hi”.