Pregablin for Anxiety treatment

I am writing today because my psychiatrist will not prescribe me Lyrica (pregablin) for my debilitating anxiety. Her reason for not prescribing me Pregablin as indicated by her interest in Medical Journals addressing Pregablin as a first line of medications for Anxiety disorders. I have listed references concerning this, and my findings are satisfactory if


I have been doing more live streams and video related things that I feel like I’ve neglected content on the site. So I thought I would address my intentions for future updates and what I plan on working on. A history and feature about “Christian” death metal, a niche of music that plays Death Metal

Random Update

I sloppily updated the Blader “guide”, that can be found HERE I finished Panzer Dragoon Saga, although I have already written much about this game. I feel inspired to make another post, with what I have learned about the game this time around. Please keep checking my TWITCH and YOUTUBE!


The most difficult aspect about this particular web page is because I cover such a broad range of interests and it’s extremely difficult to market and share it with others, because it is not singularly focused on particular interest. I am having a hard time with this, and just wanted to post and share and

Suspiciously quiet

I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to, but I intend to add more and contribute to this area of the web. What I have in the forecast for content is the following… Finish Panzer Dragoon Saga, then play translated Dragon Force 2. That is the console gaming I have lined up.

Exciting changes are coming

I just wanted to update today to let you know, that alongside this web site, youtube, streaming I will also be incorporating custom Laser Cutting art to the extension of things to be done here. Can’t hash out too many details just yet, but know that in the future this is going to be great

old pictures

I was going to attach an image into an email when I realized that google had saved all of these old pictures in their server. It is frightening to me what other information/data they have from me. All the same it is interesting to find some of these old pictures. I lost all my computer

selling merch

This is early just a gleam in my eye, but I do intend on designing and selling clothing with my art. I also might design shirts that will promote the devoutcraziness..com name. I have a minimal amount of views and this is going to be difficult to accomplish. You can check out the shop https://devoutcraziness.threadless.com/


[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Just an update to to test out the new wordpress site. I will hopefully get working on some new content and start updates. Have a good day 🙂 [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

youtube error ublock

what you will see if you have ublock enabled on youtube Just recently as of this exact date, youtube now has figured out how to disable ublock (a chrome extension that eliminates most ads from websites). I am not entirely sure if there is a way around this, but I find it ironic that I

“Sometimes I feel like I’m not solid. I’m hollow. There is nothing behind my eyes. I’m negative of a person. It’s as if I never thought anything, I never wrote anything, I never felt anything. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence”-Sylvia Plath-

update and randomness

Its been a while, I took a brief absence from the internet due to personal events that compromised my ability to readily use my laptop for blogging purposes. I am now in a stable place, but using the internet is still a matter of taking a trip to the library or a coffee shop. My

Train hop to tragedy

I didn’t realize the article could still be found online. So instead posting the article here on the blog I will just leave you all with a link. The story is rather traumatic, but it paints the true nature of Flint, Mi. A very dangerous place for those who are not aware of surroundings. The

offering a derivative of tolerance

Social Justice, tolerance, politically correct are all things that have become unearthed as of recent. Because our society is more concerned about people’s feelings, instead of leaving art up for proper interpretation. We are now doomed to a generation of confused individuals who will not participate in gender roles, will allow feminazi’s too loudly protest


If one thing I have found in life that injects a willingness to continue on this world we live, it is the ability to embrace and accept delusion. Without delusion, without the ability to entertain our imaginations with the unreal and unseen, the mysterious ways of life. We read old texts and embrace the principles

random update post

I’ve been occupied with work. As far as outside of work is concerned I have been getting a little back into gaming, mostly emulation based, because it’s too expensive to try buy all the games I used to own and enjoy on their original console. I was on a bit of a Genesis stint awhile


I would like to collaborate or work with other like minded individuals that share the taste in movies, games music etc. Whether or not you have a  blog/web site, is unimportant, though I would still like to have some kind of community focus, where we can  build an alliance of web pages. If anyone is

real gross suicide pics

Sorry to disappoint you, but there aren’t any suicide pics on this blog. I think because of one of my posts linking to a picture of the notorious TUBGIRL, I have gained a bit of attention from the sick and deprived. I really have a hard time gauging the viewership of this blog, if any.

indecisive bastard

Buying a domain and using its great amount of resources, has become a anti-climatic conclusion, it all sucks; well except for the domain part. I was using wordpress, and found it to be incredibly slow, so I had to ditch that. I tried out some new scripts only to find out that all the themes


Ok so I went ahead and got a domain for the site, http://www.devoutcraziness.com, nothing of interest yet. But I do have plans to either a.) implement my blogger to the domain, or b.) go the wordpress route, but I am inexperienced in that, and so  I will have to study up and defeat any learning curves


Did a little bit of editing to the banner, the old one was bugging me, I am sure I will find things in the current one I want to change. But as for now I am pretty content.

m’fucka got shot

I am going to make an effort to establish a reasonable amount of posts on a weekly basis. Maybe even categorize posts by the particular content it covers. I have a lot of ideas flowing in my mind, just need to figure out how/when is the best occasion. Not to mention whatever the demographic wants.

blah blah

Made a couple changes to the page, was a little disappointed with the end result, I found out it is really hard to making a transparent image work on blogger. I really don’t have an over lot to say, I fucked up another job opportunity, but on all honesty I felt it was justified I

tumultuous appetite

I haven’t entirely found the interest to post anything lately, its been largely to do with work more than anything else. I am experiencing my first day off from work since thanksgiving today. I had this idea for a post, but it got lost and I haven’t the ability to reproduce at the whim. I

I return

I have been on a long hiatus due to what I would like to call a sabbatical. Yes a pilgrimage through this journey known as life. For whatever reason I have left my absence without any warning, and that was only out of realistic knowledge as to of the audience this blog attracts, or in


I had a dream last night about heroin. I was in a house with this asian family (I have no idea why, or who they are) I was standing with this boy, when I was called by this older asian women. Me and boy ran to the door, and I stopped the boy with me