Esham and Acid Rap

Hi I am writing to you today about a popular musical genre that was introduced to me at a very young age and it is called Acid Rap,  it is a term made famously by Detroit Michigan USA rapper Esham A. Smith. He is a hard-trodden native of Detroit Michigan, and apparently happy and successful in his own way and ability. What exactly is Acid Rap? you might be thinking. Acid Rap is a very specific and detailed and determined undermining of societal and social failures. To be more specific, think of Suicide as the occult, satanism, suicide, and other well-known taboo subject matter. This is the kind of subject matter you are dealing with when listening to his appropriately titled Acid Rap music. Stylistically and mastering and mixing Esham is very gifted in his unique ability to expose and examine the aforementioned subject matter. So this is my unique take away from the Music I am presenting to you today. I myself am a Ukrainian-born American, in Lansing Michigan. I want to hear your opinion of this music, it will help me develop myself and my writing.