MU Legend – “my blader”

I made a guide for bladers in this game, so I thought it was due time that I showed you all what my blader currently looks like. This is by no means an authoritative guide. This is merely a glimpse of what my Blader looks like. Open to thoughts and suggestions. SKILLS ARTIFACT TALISMAN SOULBOX

Tabela XP Soul

My shoddy attempt at translating from English to Portuguese. All information compiled and copied from FORUM POST. Masmorra Monstro Normal Monstro De Elite Chefe Monstro Chefe Principal Lupa 51 Despertada 6,664 87,402 559,608 – Lupa 55 Despertada 6,931 90,899 581,993 – Lupa 61 Despertada 7,378 96,762 619,566 – Lupa 71 Despertada 8,188 107,380 687,519 –

SAIBOGU by Shinda Saibo No Katamari

I am rarely impressed or excited about a death metal band, so this comes as a surprise after hearing Japan’s Shinda Saibo No Katamari! did I say that correctly? a 3 piece who in their own words play “Brutal Death based technical riffing with complex song structure but keeping super brutality.”. Nothing is further from

Pregablin for Anxiety treatment

I am writing today because my psychiatrist will not prescribe me Lyrica (pregablin) for my debilitating anxiety. Her reason for not prescribing me Pregablin as indicated by her interest in Medical Journals addressing Pregablin as a first line of medications for Anxiety disorders. I have listed references concerning this, and my findings are satisfactory if


I have been doing more live streams and video related things that I feel like I’ve neglected content on the site. So I thought I would address my intentions for future updates and what I plan on working on. A history and feature about “Christian” death metal, a niche of music that plays Death Metal